Latino and Hispanic Heritage Month September 2016

I had an awesome time tonight celebrating with my Latino brothers and sisters. We shared poetry, music, history, smiles and encouragement! I shared a little and learned a lot! Even made new friends!

It brought back into remembrance my NY lower east side experience with CUANDO in the 8o’s . It was a musical theater that I performed and toured with for about 2 years! It was a play about the life and times of Joe Louis. We toured around New York and in prisons. It was a “musical crush” when I met and had the opportunity to work and sing with Gilbert Price (Timbuktu).

Back to the event… I was captivated by the poems (especially by Angel Martinez), storytelling and music by Dayluv that reflects then and now! I loved it! Here are some pictures of this great evening with old and new friends! Includes Dayluv’s video! :-)


Angel, Ted, Dayluv and her mother.


Me, Dayluv, Angel and director of Cuban studies…


Me, Dayluv, Angel, historians and educators!


Me, Dayluv and her Mother!


My new friend Dayluv!

Artistic Director Olumide Ted Wilson

Dayluv’s performance was awesome! :-)


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